I wrote a MSc thesis titled "Does this park make you angry? Reimagining socionatural assemblages." It was an excrsise in creative research methodolies & looking at the everyday situations, creating a more-than-the-everyday onese and analyzing what is there to be said about human-nature relationships. 

This thesis was part the MSc program in Sustainability, Society and the Environment at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in Germany.


In the midst of challenges evoked by the ‘wicked’ urban problems and environmental and social uncertainties of the Anthropocene, there are calls within academia and civil society to explore pathways for sustainable socioecological transformation. Such a transformation may be realized through the experience of producing and imagining everyday environments and ultimately through interventions into
these environments. In this thesis, a ‘playful toolbox’ is presented: a set of interventions by which to experiment with different modes of engagement with nature and cities. The Nature Theater and Urban Nature Orientation challenge were conducted in this thesis, for the purposes of investigating the potential of socionatural assemblages to be reimagined through artistic interventions, using Delanda’s recent works (2006, 2016) on assemblage theory. The outcomes of the interventions are interpreted as exposing a potential for reimagining socionatural assemblages using this methodology, involving three levels of immersion into the interventions. The research reveals the fruitfulness of combining assemblage theory, the concept ‘socionatural’, and attention to the ‘everyday’ spaces of meaning-making as starting point for creating places and time-slots where experimentation with human-nature relationship is encouraged,
exercised and legitimized.

I also wrote a BSc thesis "Genesis of the environmental movements in Ukraine: case study of the NGO “Let’s do it, Ukraine!”.

At the time I didn't bother writing an abstract, because, hey, it's Bachelor thesis afterall, but it turned out to be of a good use to the Let's do it Ukraine, as I've analyzed the internal dynamics, organization's developemtn and our volunteer's evaluatoin of the activities.

This I did at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.