Einweg Erfahrungen

Together with the team of Werkstatt für kreative Unruhe/ Kreativ AG“ in Kiel we carried out a photoproject with refugee children.

We hear the stories about refugees every so often. Rarely though these stories are told by the refugees themselves. Even more rarely do we get to see/hear/get to know the children's perspective.  During the Einweg Erfahrungen the children, who participated in the project have each received a disposable (einweg) camera. The question they got with it was “Can you please show me what makes you happy, what’s important for you?”

All of the  project participants are part of a bigger group of kids and youth who were coming to the space of Werkstatt für kreative are taken care of there and engage into creative activities. The photos the children have made are not sensational, neither they are photographic masterpieces, nor they talk about the horrors of their journey to get here. They are something more than that. They are real, mundane, daily life moments. 

The photos that we selected together with the kids where exhibited at the Anschapark and at the Kiel City Library. We have agreed that no photos of children themselves would appear on internet, therefore here you can see only a few ones that have no faces in them.